My Cameras


First cameras I ever bought, and a good little camers, def a strong started in to digital SLR's

Bought this about two years ago, excellent little camera which came with a 55mm and 200mm Nikkor lens.

Canon EOS 50D, Excellent mid range camera and one that has served me well in the last two years

Nikon D200 which I only purchased recently, excellent camera, if a little more difficult to nagivate, def not for the beginner photographer

About Me

I have been interested in photography now for over 20 years even thought my first purchase was a JVC VHSC Camcorder. This was a good product and something that I was still using 10 years later.


I then moved to Sony and bought a Micro SD camcorder which I found out later was not waterproof following a family in Spain.


In 2007 I bought a Sony HD Camcorder, HDR SR10E


In terms of digital photography my first purchase was the Sony AX200, an excellent little camera and one that gave me a good understanding of what even the entry level cameras can do.


Moved on to the Nikon D3000, again a good entry level camera and marginally better than the Sony.


The Canon EOS 50D was def the best purchase, and with it I moved in to the Mid Range Digital SLR. I bought it with the Canon EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens which is first class.


Recently I purchased the Nikon D200, which I bought from a friend who was looking to move on to a new camera, and while it is an slightly older camera it is never the less and excellent piece of kit and something I do enjoy using


"Never buy the best camera you can afford, buy the best lens you can afford"



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